I came across this wonderful film, part of the “Auto Portrait” series on Télé 5 in France. It is structured around the journalist’s very personal life-long relationship with the 2CV, but also weaves in a wealth of historical and cultural content. There is something for everyone.

Heck, I even recognized some of the folks in this film, for example Jean Malard who is one of the founders of the 2CV Club de l’Orléanais. Then around the 40 minute mark in the film, we visit pay a visit to the 2CV “cemetery” of my dear friend Jean-Claude S, in Fleury-les-Aubrais. Jean-Claude is not interviewed, but he adds a rustic touch to the scenes.

So, dust off your French skills (or try out the YouTube closed-caption translation tools) and enjoy 48 minutes of pure delight.

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