With somewhere around 20,000 people at Salbris, it is wonderful to meet up with friends from afar. Our fellow Ottawa Club members Cor and Carla B were supposed to be coming down from visiting their family in Holland, to meet up with us at our hotel (see separate post about the hotel). However, we had heard no news about their progress. On Thursday evening, returning from a full day at the site, I turned towards our hotel, in the middle of the village of Nouan le Fuzelier, off the N-20 road. Glancing to my left, I spotted Carla’s smiling face, sitting at the local café with a glass of wine. A quick turn into a parking spot, and the reunion began. On Friday morning, during the Rocker Cover race finals, I was tapped on the shoulder, and turned to find Raymond B, from Québec. He spotted me thanks to my somewhat “visible Canadian presence”. As they used to say, it pays to advertize. On Friday evening, I attended the reception of the french-language Forum 2 Pattes internet group, where I was able to put faces to online presences such as Zutalors, Néné, Franck95, Kelvinator, and Péno. Among my other virtual friends from 2CV-List on YahooGroups, I connected with Mick P, and Ed and Betsy M (who I had originally met in Amherst at the ICCCR in 2003). Let the good times roll!

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