So, my plans changed last night, and I decided to go to Salbris this morning, on my own, unassisted by “local knowledge”. This was a big deal, because despite coming to France off and on for thirty years, it is rare that I am left to roam on my own. So, 9 a.m. I fired up Nemo the 2CV, and headed off into the middle of downtown Orleans, looking for the National 20 highway. I have to say that everything worked really well, and soon I was sailing through the French countryside, traversing little villages along the way. As I got closer to Salbris, the traffic took on more and more of a Deuche flavour. At one point, I even caught up to a Ferrari, who had the misery to find himsemf as the meat in a bicylinder sandwich.           Arriving in the village of Salbris, I stopped at the side of the road to install all my Canadian decorations (see an earlier Blog entry for details). After a short traffic jam, I was registered and on my way into the site.           More news in other posts.  

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