2CVs are everywhere today, all heading south towards Salbris. We will not be able to get to the site until tomorrow. The wait is killing me 🙂 Today, the World Meeting opens, for those who are pre-registered. It is all over the papers and the radio.             I had a call at mid-morning from Ed M, an American deuchiste. He picked up a 2CV from a friend in Paris, and was on his way to the meeting. He said he was in a joyous traffic jam, 4 km from the site at Salbris. He expected to be there for quite a while longer We will be going to the site tomorrow, with family, but without 2CV. I will get registration out of the way, and will get a feel for the site. My loyal readers (I hope there are some) can expect photos tomorrow night. We will return to the site on Thursday morning, in full glory for three full days and evenings of merriment.

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