A new sport is sweeping the world: 2CV Valve Cover Racing. OK, maybe not sweeping the world, but after starting at the French 2CV National meetings a few years ago, valve cover racing is now a fixture at World Meets also. So, what the heck is it? Basically, competitors build small gravity racers, around or incorporating a 2CV valve cover. These creations are raced down an inclined track, two at a time. First on to the bottom goes on, the other one is eliminated from competition. There are rules about length, width, wheel spacing, and the all important maximum weight (4.5 kilos). But all that is a bit besides the point. The wonder of the sport is the creativity shown by the competitors. Among the 60 or so entries in this year’s World Championship race, some of the more outlandish creations were: a 2CV made from Meccano parts, a sailboat (including a beach with seashells), a carved wodden snail, a Dalek (from the sci-fi series Dr. Who) and an enormously detailed cow.   Each new match up would drive the crowd to a frenzy of cheering (or in the case of the cow, mooing). Loosers took things with grace, while winners sized up their successful competition to predict their chances in future rounds. I have rarely laughed so much, with both winners and losers. I wish I could tell you who was the eventual winner, but I ran out of time to watch. And honestly, I’m not really sure that is the point anyway. I can tell you that if I ever get to another World or National meeting, I sure plan to bring a Maple-themed Canadian entry.

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