Several years ago, Jim McC from our club had some pins made.  They were in the form of a 2CV, and in the colours of the Canadian flag.  In 2006 I attended the French 2CV National gathering, and distributed some of these pins as souvenirs.

About a year later, I was surfing the internet and came across Joël Leger’s site where he shows his incredible collection of pins with a 2CV theme ( ).  On one of his pages, he noted that he was looking for “the 2CV Canadian Flag pin”, which he had seen, but did not even have a picture.  I made a note to contact Joël.

Time passed, and other things became priorities.  Just before I left for Salbris, I remembered Joël’s quest, and contacted him by e-mail.  Of course he was still interested by the mythical Canadian pin.  We agreed to try to find a way to meet in Salbris to make the delivery.

On my second day at Salbris, I was starting to doubt that Joël and I were going to be able to connect.  Wandering through the show field, I stopped at a prefectly restored 1950 2CV A.  As I examined the car, a guy approached me, and politley asked if I might be the Canadian who had been in contact with a French pin collector.  Of course, it was Joël.  Cheeks were kissed, hands were shaken, and a pin was exchanged.

Joël also mentioned that part of his collection was on display in the main museum of the World Meeting.  He was rightfully proud.

The next day, when I visited the museum, I was thrilled to find that Joël had added our pin to his display, with a very kind note.  Now I was the proud one, that our club pin was part of the biggest 2CV gathering in history.

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