Nemo (our 2CV) continues to reveal his character.  Last night, leaving an outdoor family dinner (yes, I said “outdoor”… it seems to have stopped raining) our hosts flagged the fact that we had no tail lights.  Certainly too late and too dark to do anything about it, so I just chose roads that were well lit.

When the sun rose this morning, I scrounged a multimeter and a rag-tag selection of spare blubs, and I started my analysis.  To be honest, electricity remains my weakest point, but I decided to start by the simple things, retesting after each step.  Miracle, by removing and reseating a fuse (I have to suppose it was the RIGHT fuse), the tail lights glowed into life. Whew, another easy one.

I already had plotted another strategy, because I know that there is a Volunteer Garage on the site at Salbris.  If necessary,  I  would have presented myself there as soon as we arrive on the site.

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