Our hotel for the World Meeting is absolutely delightful.  It is l’Hôtel des Charmilles, in the little village of Nouan le Fuzellier. Only 14 rooms, and 8 of them are occupied by Deuchistes.  In addition, one of the owners is a Méhari collector!  Of course, the conversations tend to have a certain Citroën flavour.

In the morning, we are as likely to be woken by the local rooster as by the bells of the village church.  To Claudine’s enormous pleasure, there is a very friendly free-range Labrador named Tina, who comes to watch the goings on at breakfast.  However, she knows the rules, which dictate that a maximum of two paws are allowed across the threshold of the always-open door.

Once the collection of Méharis are pull out for disply, the quaint garages attract a steady flow of 2CVs in need of attention.  On Sunday morning, even the famous custom “Six Roses” was pulled in to repair damage from having bottomed out on a pebble or something not much higher.


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