Last summer, at the 2CV World Meeting in Salbris, I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with Mick Popka from England. In addition to being an absolute riot to chat with, he is a die-hard Citroën enthusiast (I lost track of how many exceptional cars Mick lives with). To top it all off, he is also the Secretary of this year’s ICCCR, being held in Yorkshire England.

During the Salbris meeting, Mick manned an info booth for the ICCCR. He also played the role of Ambassador at Large. It seemed like everywhere I went, there was Mick, meeting people and handing out info packages. At the closing of the World Meeting, Mick gave a very memorable address to the large and rowdy crowd. I still wish I’d had my video recorder running.

Anyway, Mick has asked me to post a reminder about the ICCCR. There is still time to fit this one into the busy summer of 2012, following the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics. But I suspect you better book your plane tickets soon.

Over to you, Mick:

It's 36 years since the ICCCR was last held in the UK!

We have nearly 3,000 participants registered to attend for the 4 day event and are expecting more to attend on a daily basis.

Not only will there be masses of Citroens on display (including a special "Museum of English built Citroens") there will be a spare parts 
market, flea market, International "Tappet Racing" championship and the 2CV "Engine Strip and Rebuild" time trial.

For full details of the entertainments and attractions on offer see, whcih is in French, German and English.

Come to Yorkshire and drink warm beer* in this Jubilee/Olympic year of fun!
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