Up for sale is my 1986 Citroen 2cv Charleston in grey on grey. In my unbiased opinion the best looking of all 2CVs.

I am the third owner (first owner had it 16 years).  I bought the car on EBay in Germany.  It has about 165,000 km, and there is a full service history in the Citroen dealer’s book up to 2001.  I have driven 20,000 km since 2005.

1986 was the last year 2CVs were built in Paris by the way. After that they were built for three years in Portugal. Being an original German market car, this one has better rustproofing, headrests on the seats (not currently installed), bumper-end protectors, and a flash-to-pass headlight switch.  It also has seat recliners and retractable seat belts.

On the engine side, this car has a slightly de-tuned (28 bhp vs 29 bhp) motor, intended to run on lower-grade and lead-free fuel.

The car runs like a Swiss watch, and always has done in the years I have owned it.  I would not hesitate to jump in this car and drive to Los Angeles tomorrow, if I needed to.  I already have driven the car over the Alps, around the Monaco Grand Prix course, down the Champs Elysée in Paris, and along 5th Avenue in New York City.

The body is all-original, something you can tell from the Charleston decals in front of the front doors.  On repainted cars, these decals often are replaced with a painted stripe.  It has been stored in a garage since I bought it.  There is some minor rust, but you can see and assess that yourself, starting with the photos.  To me, I would call it 93% rust-free.  I can honestly say that the rust has not changed in the 10 years I have owned the car.

Here is a list of work that I have had done during the time I have owned the car:

  • new front wheel bearings and shocks 7 years ago
  • new Michelin look-alike tires 5 years ago (with removable whitewalls!)
  • new battery 5 years ago
  • new front calipers and brake pads 4 years ago
  • all new Charleston upholstery (covers, elastics, foam padding) in 2006

The car comes with a Haynes manual, those sexy chrome eyelids on the headlights, a Blaupunkt stereo, some supplies and parts and more.

The car is located in Gatineau Quebec across from Ottawa Ontario. It’s Quebec registered and it is sold as is. I am asking $11.500 Cdn but I’ll entertain reasonable offers.

Lars Klintmalm
Home (819) 682-0502
Mobile (613) 799-2991

Here is a large gallery of photos (multiple pages), and I’ll be happy to send additional photos on request.

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