All of us know that Citroëns are special cars, but now we have proof that they truly are vehicles fit for a king.

Local member and history buff Michel L was watching an excellent documentary film called “Richard III: King in the car park” which aired as part of the Passionate Eye series on CBC News Network.  It tells the amazing story of the recent archaeological expedition to try to find the remains of King Richard III (1452-1483).

It turns out that the King’s remains may have lain undisturbed for centuries, under what is now a car park in the city of Leicester, England.

Even more amazing, the very first excavation undertaken on the site unearthed what turned out to be the royal remains.

In a touching moment, the archaeologist team leader decides that the remains deserve a dignified exhumation, before they can be examined to identify them definitively.  The leader arranges for the remains to be boxed, and then wrapped in the Royal flag of Richard of York.  The package is then placed in a van, to be taken for forensic testing.  As the camera follows the van from the car park, we get a brief view of…. double chevrons!  Yes, the King is being transported in a Citroën.

I have captured a few frames from the film, to share this truly historic moment.

(images captured from “Richard III: King in the car park”, copyright Darlow Smithson Productions MMXIII)

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