After that great Auto Protrait film on the 2CV, now it is the turn of the DS-istes.

Here is the well known film “La fabuleuse histore de la Citroën DS” from 1998.   This is a retrospective film, which weaves together period footage, modern clips, and many very insightful interviews with the people who were involved in the development, introduction, and long successful career of what is for many, the finest Citroën ever.

The film covers the secret development of the model, and its earth-shaking introduction at the 1955 Paris auto Show.  There is extensive coverage of the DS in competition (what a hoot that must have been).  We also see lots of footage of the DS in everyday life, as well as in its presidential role for Charles de Gaulle.  There also is a very nice period voice-over animation revealing the mysteries and magic of the DS suspension.

I learned of this film many years ago, but it was only aired in Canada on Historia, the French version of History Channel, which I did not receive at that time.  I have been hoping to find it on tape or DVD at a flea market, but now YouTube has put me out of my misery.

Even if your French is rusty, the images in this film are a delight.  So, it is time to grab another baguette, some nice Camembert, and open a fresh bottle of burgundy.    Here is 50 minutes of pure joy:

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