I spend a certain amount of time trolling the web, and I often find bits of Citroën-alia.  So, I thought I would start an occasional series of posts to share some of these “finds from the Internet”.  I hope you enjoy them.

To start with, here is a wonderful 12 minute video from England.  While the French race their 2CVs on dirt (2CV Cross), in England it is done on proper paved race tracks.   This video shows action from a recent race at Mallory Park.  Don’t miss the last three minutes!

On a very different theme, here is a video tribute to the famous Fire Fighters of Vars, in the south of France.  So, what does that have to do with Citroëns, you may ask?  Well, this service has a long history of using and adapting 2CVs to their very special needs.  Fabien de Valroger is a deuchiste and French fire fighter, who has kept alive this history , most notably in in the form of a reproduction of the famous “two-headed 2CV”.

(By the way, this video was produced by the good folks at 2CV Television in Spain.  I have several DVDs of many European 2CV gatherings produced by these guys.)

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