By now you probably have read most of Bruce Grant’s Citroën-related stories.  So, you have some idea that he loves to travel, and has a way with a tale.

Well, on this page we are delighted to present some of Bruce’s other stories.  They are all related to travel, and various forms of transportation weave in and out of most of them.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Bruce plays Tintin

Bruce has been our reporter-on-the-spot from time to time, telling us about a mural in Belgium, or a happy 2CV owner in Greece.  Well, here is another of Bruce’s finds:  the story of Éliza Déroche, the first French aviatrix


If detective stories are your thing, we have a great one for you.  In 1980, Bruce set out to solve a family mystery, where the trail had been cold for nearly 40 years.  This extensive story is one of my favourites, so get yourself a coffee, and sit down to enjoy  “Tracking down Uncle Victor”


World travels

In 1968, Bruce set out on a trip around the world.  It took him a few months to complete the trip, and then 45 years to write the story!  Personally I think it was worth the wait. Here in PDF is: Around the World


Never one to be limited by the weather, Bruce undertook a winter vacation to Florida in 1979.  Sure, many Canadians do that.  But how many did it on a 1942 Harley Davidson, setting out in February?  This one is a fantastic read.  It also provides a snapshot of parts of the American South at that time (language alert). Here is  My Winter Vacation 1979


Wind the clock ahead another 12 years, and Bruce was once again yearning for adventure.  In this next story, he tells of his summer vacation, through Québec, Newfoundland, and the Maritimes on a 1947 Harley Davidson.  As a passionate Canadian, Bruce’s commentaries on our nation and our people are insightful.  Here in PDF is: My Summer Vacation 1979


Bruce opens relations with Cuba

All work and no play would make Bruce a dull boy, so like many Canadians, sometimes he heads south for some rest and relaxation.  Now, anyone who knows Bruce knows that you are unlikely to find him lined up at the buffet at some all-inclusive resort, holding a drink with a little umbrella in it.  Nope, when Bruce goes to Cuba, he gets “in with the people”.  Since he can’t leave his observer hat at home, in the story of his first visit, he includes some well-researched additional reading, regarding Cuban-American history:  Cuba 2004


Less than a year later, Bruce made a spur-of-the-moment return visit, taking in some other towns and sites (Havana, Trinidad, and Santa Clara):  Cuba, December 2004


In fact, Bruce now has a long-term relationship with Cuba, which he visits as often as he can.  He combines purely social visits with some focused aid, as you will read in these stories: Cuba December 2008 , Cuba March 2011 , Vinales December 2011


Continuing South

A wandering spirit’s gotta wander, and so more recently Bruce has also explored Central and South America.  Of course he didn’t do it the easy way.  As a result, he can provide some lively sketches of the people he met along the way.  One of these stories includes some translation of national poetry, in all its natural earthiness (language warning): Peru 2014 , Central America 2015