The Citroën CX was supposed to be revolutionary. It wasn’t quite that. Evolutionary is more like it.
Introduced in 1974, it was the successor of the DS and by default, the SM.

It was a sleek design, the mechanics heavily borrowed from both the DS and the SM. The hydra-pneumatic suspension had a stiffer ride for a more sports-like feel. The Diravi steering came from the SM. The interior was space shuttle-like. For the first time, Citroën put the engine in sideways, or “transverse” mounted. We can see the influence Peugeot brought to bear, for Citroën never liked the idea of this before. Another influence by Peugeot was the Diesel engine. Although Citroën may not have liked it at one time, they sure adopted this in a hurry. The CX Turbo Diesel was the fastest production oil burner of its day! The turbos were added in the regular gasoline burners as well, as optional equipment.

1985 marked an overhaul and facelift. Gone were the stainless steel bumpers, replaced by plastic covered affairs. Yes, the ultimate humiliation happened to old-time Citroën engineers, for now the “Serie 2” had, (aghast) a little front air dam. I’m not sure how many jumped out of windows, or if André Citroën rolled over in his grave, but yes, the upside-down cross-section wing design  Citroën made famous, was gone.

Although the CX was definitely a Citroën, it did look more, how shall I say it, mainstream. It was a sure sign that Peugeot was now holding the purse strings and running Citroën.

Despite the Peugeot influence, the engineering of the suspension, steering, and interior were anything but Peugeot.