All Citroën owners have stories to tell about their experiences with Citroën cars. Some good, some bad, some downright hilarious. I remember well the story told by Yaro, who had listeners spellbound with his tale of passing not one, but two Ferraris with his 2CV on a sharp downhill slope. Silently, all of us who own a 2CV, swelled with pride. Of course, what goes down must come up, when driving a 2CV. Needless to say, the 2 Ferraris easily passed Yaro on the next uphill stretch of highway.

Of course there are the get-togethers of Citroën owners. There is usually one poor soul who’s car has a mechanical problem, much to the owner’s embarrassment.

There are those who, like me, have many a story to tell from childhood experiences with Citroëns.

I’d like to dedicate this page to all those who have a story to tell. If you have a story, please tell me. I’ll put it on this page for the entertainment of our readers.

Since I’m already writing, I’ll take the opportunity and give you an experience I had.

I had to work a nightshift. Starting at midnight. I decided to take the 2CV with its yellow headlights glowing proudly, barely illuminating the dark. On the big expressway I was pulled over by two eager police constables. The woman officer was upset with the yellow headlights and asked if I had “normal” lights for the 2CV. I said yes, but I had them in my garage. The male officer then pointed out I was clocked at 124 k/hr. Secretly, I was pleased, though I professed my innocence. The speed limit was 100 k/ph. I got off with a warning. If I had gotten a ticket for speeding, I think I would’ve framed it!

-Hans Asselbergs