First of all, forgive my poor english. I’m french.
I own three “deux chevaux” (1966, 1973 and 1988 issues)
In the early sixties, when deux chevaux’s engine was – at the best- a 425 cm3 – one of my friends, then a student, went to a U.S. University and brought his 2 CV in northen America.
All the american student congratulated him for having built such a car by himself.
He couldn’t convince them that he bought his deux chevaux in a regular factory. No one never wanted to believe him.
Moreover, he could’t drive his car on highways for he did’t reach the inferior speed limit

Well…I told you that my own cars are 66′, 73′ a,d 88′. When someone asks me “which year’model is the model you’re just driving”, my reply is usaly “Which part of it do you mean?” as long as they’re patchworks of breakparts…

Pierre de Rotalier – Paris – France