This year, the club decided to celebrate Bastille Day by bringing a French flavour to the annual Merrickville Car Show.  The Merrickville  show is one of the largest car shows in Eastern Ontario.  The entire village gets behind this event, which takes over pretty much everything for eight hours.  There is lots of live music, food vendors, parts and collectible vendors, demonstrations, and so much more.

On a morning that was giving every sign of turning into a scorcher of a day, Citroëns arrived from several different directions to the rendezvous point at Burritt’s Rapids.  From there we took the road along the north side of the Rideau River to picturesque Merrickville.

Here, we were greeted by the first of many enthusiastic volunteers, all of them in very visible orange t-shirts.  Since we were to be parked as a club, we were asked to wait just inside the entrance while the organizers figured out where we were to park.  Soon we were directed to join the stream of gorgeous cars heading for the main show field.  At each step we were handed off from volunteer to volunteer, until we reached our designated parking area.

Our eight cars (six 2CVs from Cor B, Ian C, Bruce G, Paul L, Bob McL, and Lars; Michel L’s DS; and Werner’s SM) immediately began attracting interested visitors, and it really didn’t stop all day!  Bob displayed several French flags, just in case anyone missed the significance of the date.

When we were able to get away from answering questions about our cars, we managed to get around to see at least part of this massive car show.  This year, the selection included, among others: vintage cars as old as 1910-1920 (Model T Ford), gorgeous American and European classics from the 1930s (Rolls Royce), flamboyant American cars from the 1950s and 1960s (Cadillacs, and a Chrysler Imperial convertible), British, European and Japanese sports cars and sedans from the 1960s and early 1970s (MGs, Volvos, Datsuns), lots of American Muscle Cars, a display of specialized military trucks, some absolutely jaw-dropping Monster Trucks (one was a school bus!), a hotrod hearse (license plate “FinalRide”), a large selection of hotrods and customs (you have to admire the quality of the the work, if nothing else), and even a spanking new Tesla (possibly still licking its wounds from that comparison test against a 1956 DS).

After Claudine and Carla made a serious effort to contribute to the economy of Merrickville during a whirlwind shopping trip, everyone agreed that the day had gotten seriously hot (33C, but 39C with the Humidex).  We all decided to go our separate ways, and leave the party while it was still at its peak.

Here are a few photos from the day:

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