Each year, usually just after the cars have been put to bed, a few members of the Ottawa Citroën Club gather for their traditional Christmas Lunch.  This year was no exception, so on Saturday December 7, we put on our cleanest jeans, and got together.

Cor and Carla B graciously opened their home once again.  The central location makes it ideal for the majority of members who wish to attend.  This year, we were a group of 11 people, after some last minute cancellations.

Christmas being a season of traditions, Jim and Beth McC continued one of our favourites: the food and drink quiz.  In past years, we have been challenged to identify wines, and beers, along with cheeses and snacks.  This year, Jim took us a little farther up-market with a selection of canapés and aperitifs.

Jim and Beth must have spent hours (if not days) preparing this game, which consists of tasting the various offerings, and then trying to identify their country of origin.  The canapés were so beautiful that one almost didn’t want to eat them (note, I said “almost”).  Having overcome our artistic admiration, soon everyone was munching and speculating.  The aperitifs were varied in appearance as well as taste.  The testers were not shy about expressing their preferences.

IMG_2962 IMG_2964 IMG_2965

After the crumbs had settled, and scoring was complete (there was even an official protest regarding scoring – next year we will get the IOC to oversee things), the results were announced.  In a shocking reversal of fortunes, Fabienne T fell from her habitual first place to last this year.  Lucky for her, there were consolation prizes, which she shared with Claudine McL.  The new overall champion this year was Neil B.  Perhaps more surprising was that he excelled in the food, rather than the beverage category.  Carla B took  the prize on the beverage side.

IMG_2975 IMG_2976 IMG_2978

The hearty selection of canapés almost deterred us from proceeding to our sumptuous lunch (note, once again I said “almost”).  Soon enough, the plates were loaded, and we were installed around the table, immersed in conversation.  Everyone also received the now-traditional Club Christmas card, which included a selection of photos from our many outings in 2013.

IMG_2957 IMG_2983

After the meal, we even conducted a little club business, planning our activities for 2014.  More news will follow here on the club web site, but rest assured that it will be another great year.

With that, we exchanged seasonal best wishes, and headed home while visions of sugar plums danced in our heads.

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