Our dear friend and long time member of the Ottawa Citroën Club, Jim McCollum passed away on November 20, 2016.

An obituary appears here.

There will be a commemorative gathering of Jim’s friends in springtime.

We extend our condolences to Jim’s wife Beth, and the other members of Jim’s family.

Jim is remembered as an intelligent and engaging person, with an enormous depth of knowledge in subject areas ranging widely from things like French linguistics, to Spanish literature, and of course economics.

His two 2CVs, one white and one blue, have been fixtures at our club gatherings for many years.  In the early years of his participation with the club, he combined two of his great passions,  hosting Citroën club members at the soaring club where Jim and Beth were instructors.  It was a day that was memorable to all who attended.

For many years at our Christmas Lunch, Jim presented us with fun and educational sampling quizzes, covering wine, beer, cheeses, and snacks from countries all over the world.  These events were not only fun, but above all delicious.  Beth often told us that Jim had stayed up late preparing everything himself.  You can read about some of those events here , here , here and here.

Possibly Jim’s most lasting legacy to the club is the now famous Canadian 2CV Pin.  It was Jim who initiated this project, and saw it through to completion.  He graciously provided the club with 250 copies of this gem, which have since been distributed to lucky 2CV fans all over the world.


Here is a gallery of some of our favourite photos of Jim and his 2CVs:


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