A hastily organized group of 2CV owners in Ottawa gathered to welcome Julie and JB on the first step of their ambitious year-long journey. You can read all about their plans at their web site Au Cours du Monde.

Julie and JB had been doing battle with Canada Customs and the Port of Montreal for several weeks, which had delayed their departure by nearly three weeks. Bob McL got word around noon on Monday that Julie and JB were finally free to leave Montreal, at the wheel of their 2CV AK400 camionnette, named KKouette. He quickly contacted a few 2CV owners and organized an informal BBQ. Around 7:30 pm, the assembled group (including Cor & Carla B and Ian & Margaret C) heard the unmistakable sound of a 2CV, and KKouette pulled into the drive way, to a hearty round of applause.

The rest of the evening was spent getting to know everyone, and sharing a meal. Of course 2CVs were a frequent topic of conversation, but we also learned a great deal about the plans that Julie and JB have to visit schools, and meet local people, from Alaska to Terra del Fuego. JB explained that the choice of an AK400 was an easy one, not only due to their well known mechanical robustness, but also due to the natural attraction that people all over the world seem to have for these lovable vehicles. They hope that KKouette will open doors to allow them to meet lots of people.

After dinner, JB and Julie gave us a guided tour of KKouette. It is fair to say that the group were more and more impressed as each amazing detail was revealed or demonstrated. Who knew that you could build a three star hotel into a 2CV? You don’t believe me? Here is just a partial list of what the accommodations include: double bed, gas stove, dining table, shower, drinking water,reading lights, spare parts storage, 70 litre fuel capacity, and yes, even the kitchen sink. I could go on, but I understand that there will be an article about KKouette in a future magazine in France.

Julie and JB extended their stay in Ottawa, so that they could have brief tour of the city, with Claudine and Bob as their guides.

But all too soon, the open road beckoned. Julie, JB, and KKouette were last seen heading west on the TransCanada highway, towards Sudbury. We wish them Bonne Route. We will include occasional updates on their progress here on our site throughout the year.

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