On Sept. 1, 2013 several members of the Ottawa Citroën Club participated in a delightful outing to Le Lavandou, south of Montréal near the US border. The outing was organized for the Montréal 2CV community by Michel and Danielle. Their convoy left from Vaudreuil-su-le-lac. The Ottawa contingent left from our ancestral home at the farm in Winchester. Present were Michel L (DS21), Christian and Fabienne et al (DS21), and Bob and Claudine in their 2CV6. Bruce G and Diane had gone on ahead, as their 425cc 2CV like to enjoy a more leisurely pace. After some minor mechanical fine-tuning (see photos), we were on our way around 10 a.m. We followed a meandering route of secondary roads, eventually crossing the St. Lawrence River at Sallaberry de Valleyfield. After that, our route became a bit more uncertain, but we eventually arrived at the gorgeous site of Le Lavandou, which is the only producer of Canadian-hardy lavender. The Montréal contingent had arrived earlier, so the picnic was in full swing. Quick greetings were exchanged, then we got down to the serious business of eating and drinking. What a fabulous setting, and a fabulously beautiful late summer’s day! After lunch, discussions and visits continued, and the assorted 2CVs were examined in detail. Later, our hosts André and Dianegave us a tour of their property. André explained the fascinating story of how he morphed from being an artist and painter in the south of France to being the only Canadian producer of winter-hardy lavender. Eventually the Ottawa contingent had to take to the road, since some had a 3 hour return trip ahead of them. It was with regret that we turned our backs on this magnificent little corner of la belle province, and headed back north. Enjoy our photos (4 pages):

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