If you have been wishing you could catch up with our friends Julie and JB (see the story of the beginning of their trip here), then this is your lucky day. Josée from the Forum Citroën 2CV Québec has been posting regular updates on the travels of the team from Au Cours du Monde. If you visit this link and then scroll through the page, you will find a series of messages with YouTube windows, where you can access each of the update videos posted by Julie and JB. Although both the Forum and the videos are in French, you can just click the “Play” icon in each of the YouTube windows and enjoy the beautiful images. Each video is about three minutes long, and at the time of this writing, they cover Alaska, California, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama. If you are comfortable reading French, please have a look around the rest of the Forum, and consider joining. The more the merrier!

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