Saturday, May 20, was a perfect day for a celebration at Fitzback Garage in St. Hyacinth. There were clear blue skies for once  (ordered specially by our generous hosts André and Patricia) and the temperature rose to a comfortable 19 degrees.

It was great to see so many familiar faces plus sone new ones. One of the things that struck me was how friendly everone was and how willing they were to answer all of my questions.  Even better, I was able to tune up my somewhat rusty French. I  learned a lot about things like 2Cv coils, and where to find tachometers that work on a Deuche.  This alone mde the trip extremely worthwhile.

I think I counted 25 very nice 2CVs, a 2CV repair truck,  one Renault R8, a pristine Renault 4L, a stunning Traction Avant Normale D, a DS Break,and an Alpine – a good turnout.

Some very tasty snacks were served first to get our appetites into first gear followed by the ritual  singing of Verre en haut Verre en bas to set the mood. Supper was delicious with three  types of salad, three types of meat, a perfect baked potato, all done to a turn and presented quickly and piping hot along with a dinner roll. This was topped off by a truly sinful dessert and good coffee.

On behalf of all participants and all members of the Ottawa Citroen Club I would like to thank our hosts André and Patricia for the effort in organizing this event, and for the great weather.

Here are some my very amateur pictures.




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