Four Citroëns and 12 assorted Citroënists gathered on Sunday Sept. 14, 2014 for a pre-autumnal drive through the Ontario coutryside, from Kemptville to Jones Falls.  The 2CVs of Cor and Carla B, and Bob and Claudine McL were joined by the DSs of Michel L and Christian T.  We were joined by Franck P and his son from Montréal, as well as by Michel’s brother Pierre.  Fabienne T and family performed Chase Vehicle duties.

Although the leaves had not yet begun to display their vibrant autumn colours, the drive was nonetheless scenic.  However, near our destination there occurred a strange event.  It seems that one DS plus the chase vehicle may have been abducted by aliens. The rest of the convoy stopped to await their return.   Although no UFOs were seen, we are otherwise unable to explain the disappearance 0f the two vehicles for over 45 minutes!  At least it provided a great opportunity for photos.

Eventually the group was reunited, and we proceeded the few remaining kilometers to Jones Falls.  Jones Fall is an important lock site on the famous Rideau Canal system, which joins Kingston to Ottawa.  Constructed in the mid-1800s, the system is now a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Our small group of cars attracted the usual attention in the parking lot at the Hotel Kenney, before we retired to the dining room for lunch.

The charmingly rustic dining room faces the locks on the other side of Whitefish Lake, so we were able to watch a few late-season boats coming and going.  After an excellent lunch, we emerged into the bright sunshine to explore the area around the locks and the falls.  Along with the famous locks, there are now-disused defensive military blockhouses and a power dam and , as well as many secluded natural areas.

Any excuse to drive our Citroëns is a good one, but an afternoon spent under the beautiful blues skies of Ontario in September is especially pleasant.

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