Although I have the original 2CV seat belts, they stick. One was also locked up solid.  Try as I might, I couldn’t unlock it without taking it apart.  Of course, when I opened it, I forgot all about  the stupid rewind spring which jumped out and promptly threw itself all over the garage. While it was still wriggling on the floor, my brain labelled me a complete idiot and ordered me to think a little doing something like that again.

After a change of undershorts, I was able to get the reel apart and unjam the seatbelt.  So I re-rolled the spring and stuffed everything back together only to find I had been a tad too energetic with a pair of pliers and had knocked one of the cast zinc drive teeth off the reel.  So there I was, a now confirmed idiot, holding a destroyed reel and whining about the  $130 price of a replacement.

Bob M lifted the black cloud off my head by suggesting a trip to my favourite haunt: the wreckers yard.  There, we pulled a pair of pristine front belts from a Ford Contour and waltzed off with them for $45. Bob also found a side mirror for a Hyundai Accent he had been searching for, and the sun was shining for once,  so it was a beautiful day after all.

The belts we chose were great, and it was just a question of fabbing up plates strong enough not to rip out of the floor and B pillar. A quick bit of sleuthing by Bob M. revealed the mounting plates should be 3 inches on a side with rounded corners so they won’t create a stress point and rip out the floor in a collision (not that a collision is survivable in a deuche anyway).

The only real chsllenge was creating a bracket to mount a little tiny screw to hold the reel at the correct angle.  I built the bracket ps and welded thrm in only to find they interfered with the hinge pins for the suicide doors. With a bit of cutting and welding,  that problem went away.

Here are some pictures.

Center floor mount bracket

Side mount bracket

Shoulder belt loop bracket

Reel positioning bracket. Note the kink on the left for clearing the suicide door hinge pin.



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