Well, now that spring is finally here after a protracted winter, we moved the chassis and body back into the garage.

From my previous posts, you may remember that we shortened the chassis by 10″.  This means that the body is now too long and will overhang the frame.

I built a wooden jig to hold the roof at the desired height above the frame (40″ head room).  Then I mounted the roof we got from a derelict body from a generous donor in Almonte onto the jig. Next I temporarily mounted the hood, front fender, and rear fender roughly in place to figure out how much length I needed to cut from the roof.

Because the entire body is now lower, it does not have to be shortened the full 10″ to match the shortened frame. The answer proves to be six inches even.

So the next question was where to remove the six inches?  I knew that the roof tapered from front to rear so I knew that the door frame and roof would not line up properly because the two cut ends would be offset.

How to deal with this problem? Well, the taper increases toward the rear of the car, so I knew I had to cut the piece out where the taper changed the least. That turned out to be at about 1″ aft of the door pillar. No problem there because I was not planning to keep the pillar anyway.

First I cut out the 6″ piece from both halves of the roof.  Here is one of the pieces I cut out.


Next. I cut slots into the aft part of the roof..  The slots let me bend the roof panel inward to merge the difference in panel width that results from the taper.

Then I clamped everything together.

To make sure everything is straight, I measured across the base of the roof  on both sides and used a straight edge to check that the roof was not crooked.  A bit of sand blasting to clean off the rust and we are ready to weld.

Here is a picture of everything clamped together.


Here is a picture of the other side of the car, showing the removed piece. Notice the rusty socket where the pillar used to be!. The pillar had long ago rotted away.


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