I just spotted an event that francophiles in general, and Citroen fans in particular may want to take in. This coming Wednesday night, June 26 2013, the Ottawa Jazz Festival will be showing the 2003 film “The Triplets of Belleville”, in an open-air theatre and with live musical accompaniment. If you want to attend this showing of the film, tickets are $20 each, and are available through the festival website. If you have never seen this film, you are in for a treat in many ways. It is the work of Canadian-French director Sylvain Chomet. Some of the things that make it so enjoyable are the artwork that touchingly recreates the France of the 1960s, the cultural references to such events as the Tour de France, an amazing bilingual-and-yet-wordless dialogue (you have to see it to really understand) and finally the fabulous original soundtrack that is an homage to the music of Stephane Grapelli and Django Reinhardt. Oh, did I forget to mention the added attraction that there are Citroens everywhere? To illustrate that last point, here are some image from the film:

(Images taken from various sources on the web, but all are ultimately copyright of the film’s owners, who are named on the Wiki page here) While you are enjoying those pictures, you can also listen to parts of the original sound track:

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