In the latest edition of the French magazine Planète 2CV, Etienne Musslin tells part of the story of his visit to North America last fall.  Some of you may remember that we had the pleasure of having lunch with him (see “Lunch with Étienne Musslin” in our 2011 Gallery here )

Well, when I received a copy of Planète 2CV #90, and turned to Page 34, imagine the thrill to find a couple of short articles and a selection of photos regarding our club and our cars.  There is even a link to this website.

Étienne has graciously allowed me to reproduce the page here (click on the thumbnail to enlarge):

Please also visit the official website of Planète 2CV here.  There is even a cool service where you can leaf through all the pages of the latest magazine here (click on “feuilleter cette revue”)

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