Well, this post is kind of a catch-all. It is about a bunch of small related tasks, all of them related to sealing in the rear floor of the deuche.

So, the first was the battery box.  A very simple box with flanges made of 22 gauge with a hole drilled in the bottom to let any water out.

battery box

battery box 2

Next there was the spare tire holder. Just a simple plate with a couple of stiffening beads welded across the frame rails. Three stainless steel bolts sticking up through the plate with wing nuts hold everything in place.

spare tire mount

spare tire

Then there was the difficult one, adding the inner fender and protecting the fuel filler which rises up through the floor at an angle. There was quite a bit of cutting out of paper templates and hand fitting. Then finally I cut the metal, bent the flanges, and welded everything in. The curved triangular plate facing into the passenger compartment is held in place with stainless steel screws. This plate is removable so you can install or replace the fuel filler hose.

inner fender and filler protection

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