So here we are, flooring in but with two gaping holes ahead of the rear wheels that allow the stuff flung off the rear wheels to enter the passenger compartment.  Yuck! These have to be filled.

Not a problem.  I cut some trapezoidal cardboard templates for the bits that need to be added ahead of the rear wheels.  Then I cut the parts from 22 AWG steel,  bent the edges, drilled weld holes, clamped everything in place then welded them in.

In a couple of places I had to weld the sheet steel to 1″ square box section.  By now I have learned my lesson. If you want to plug weld thin sheet steel to 60 thou box section, the weld holes in the sheet steel need to be 5/16″.  That way, when you start the plug weld, you will heat the box section enough to stick the weld before heating the sheet steel.  If the hole is smaller, the plug will fill but will not adhere to the box section because it is not hot enough.

These rather odd looking photos are a view of the driver side rear wheel well from underneath looking forward. The trapezoidal shape is the welded in panel.

inner rear fender

inner rear fender 2

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