What do you do when you want bucket seats for your deuche and there are none in Canada?  Well, you can import them at great price or you can build them.  So,, build them it is.

Fortunately I have the old bench seat to use for a template, so it was easy to get the dimensions and curves..  The seat tubes are made of 5/8 ID seamless steel 16 AWG tube and the seat rails are built from 3/4 x 3/4 16 AWG square tube.

I used a tubing bender (a.k.a a hickey) from Cheapie Tire to make the big curves on the seat squabs and the backrests.  I learned a couple of tricks while using the bender.  You need to bend the tubing first then cut it to length. This is because you need a long tail of pipe sticking out the end of the bender to have something to push against while making the bend.  The second is that spring-back makes it almost impossible to get an exact 90 degree bend.  So, after using the hickey you have to adjust  the bend by putting  the bent pipe in a vice,  heating it with a propane torch, then pressing on it while checking for 90 degrees with a square.

The seat back verticals were bent by cutting the tubing to length, marking the centre of each bend, heating the pipe at each mark until bright red,  then pressing to get the correct angle while checking the angle with a protractor.

I machined up internal sleeves which I inserted inside the pipe at every butt joint to hold things straight while welding and to provide reinforcement for the joint.

So here are the result of my efforts.  Next, I have to drill the holes for the rubber band hooks, gusset the lumbar curve of the seats, then weld on the slider rail brackets.


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