We decided on a target deflection rate of 1 degree at 1200 lbs-ft of torque.  Just how did we decide that?  Well, it isn’t very scientific.  I looked at the internet.  Thank you Mr Google!   Modern race cars have incredible rates of around 15, 000 lbs-ft per degree, but for a good strong braced ladder frame  the value of 1 degree at 1200 lbs-ft kept popping up.  So that was our target.

However, in the previous version of this blog entry I asked if anyone had other values.  Well, Ken H, a well known chassis builder, gave me a valuable hunk of information – the original chassis was capable of 3500 n.m /degree (roughly 2500 lb-ft/degree).  That is amazing considering what the original chassis is made of.  Anyway we should at least match the resistance of the original chassis.

We also debated a scheme for testing torsional resistance and I started to put something down in this blog entry. However Ken H also sent us a link to some photos to show how testing should really be done.  So, I have decided to remove all of our ramblings from this entry as, although interesting from a thought experiment point of view, they were not quite on the right track.

So thank you for the valuable input Ken.

We are now rethinking our strategy.

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