Well, I have got us into a bit of a pickle.

As part of the vision (or maybe hallucination) for this car, we  lowered the roofline and the driver is now sitting lower in the car and further back from the firewall.  Because this changes the angle of the steering column, we can no longer use the stock steering mount. To get the angle right we have had to install a universal joint in the steering column.

Neither are we using the original steering wheel, but one swiped from a Ford (thanks for the donation Bob) and part of the upper steering shaft and support bearings from a donor Ford Mustang rusting in a dump.

So, first thing is to design a support for the shaft and its bearings that can be mounted to the 2cv  Here is a picture of the design.  Now we will see if the final product looks anything like this drawing (ha!).




Well, here is the result.  Everything fits well with no play,  The only discrepancy is that I could not create the  3.268 counterbore because my boring bar flexes way too much. Instead, it is only 2 in deep. So there you have it.  Now to make the holder for this housing.

finished casing

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