Although I posted pictures of the frame rails to this site , I just realized that I have not posted a design for the chassis. This post shows the design – such that it is.

The new frame consists of all new material except for the cross-tubes used to mount the suspension pots. I could create new cross tubes but I am salvaging the old ones because they are very time consuming to recreate.

The following pictures are plans for the new frame.  Beware!  These plans are a work in progress.  You will notice the absence of  any devices to improve torsional stiffness.  I have not figured out the best way to do this yet.  I will post updated plans later, once I have done some deflection tests on the built frame . I will be aiming for about 1200 ft-lbs per degree, which according to the research I have done so far,  appears to be the acceptable minimum for road use.

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