Well, I trial fitted the the gas tank with the spare in place.  I don’t know what I have done but the rear compartment is not long enough for both the tank and the spare.
You can actually fit them both in – just.  But if you do, it is a very tight fit and you cannot get at the front gas tank mounts to remove it without removing the rear suspension. Also,the front of the gas tank rubs against the suspension traverse.  This is not good if you want to change the sender and sets up the risk of a gas tank failure.
If you rotate the gas tank by 90 degrees it is even longer and there is less space for the spare.
So, right now I am considering the following options:
Put the spare tire:
  • behind the driver’s seat sideways across the car
  • create a place to store the wheel vertically inside the car, next to an inner rear fender
  • under the hood

Here is a picture of the problem.

PS. The brown things at the bottom of the picture are my feet.  I was standing on the passenger-side rear wheel to get the picture.


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