The steering mount proved to be quite a job and it seemed to take forever, but now that it is done, I started to skin the lower firewall and part of floor. Finally something that goes rather quickly!

I used my trusty DIY forming jig to make the floor beading. For information about the jig, see Firewall Part 2, the failure and the solution.

The lower firewall and the floor are plug-welded to the 1×1 square tubing framing. I have an air-powered sheet metal punch that can be used to create the holes for the plug welds. However, when trying to weld the panels to the tubing, I would start melting the sheet metal before getting the tubing hot enough for a good weld. So, I found that by drilling out the punched holes to 5/16″ with a step drill made the holes just big enough so the puddle would fuse to the tubing before melting the sheet metal.

Where the floor meets the lower firewall, there is nowhere to get clamps in. The usual solution is to use Cleco res-uable rivets to clamp the sheet metal in place. But in this backwater called Ottawa, they are not only hard to get, but also very expensive. So I tried using No 6 x 1/2 self drilling screws to hold the panels in place while welding. Good solution! They are cheap and work like a charm. Once the panel is welded, you simply remove the self-drilling screws and a quick zot of the MIG welder closes the hole.

Here are the results:

Firewall and Floor

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