Bob and I decided to take a break from fretting about rust to see if we could get the engine started. So, we went to work.

After checking the oil, we tried to see if we could get any fuel to appear in the carb.  OK kids, don’t try this at home.  Our fuel tank was an open glass jar.  Try as we might, we got nothing and were scratching our heads until we looked at the fuel pump suction line.  Of course, it was split.  So armed with a piece of 5 mm fuel line supplied by Bob and some plastic hose, we rigged a repair and cranked.  Fuel mist finally appeared in the carb.

The next step was to see if we could get a spark. Nada, but we did get the wiring a little hot.  You’d think that two old farts could remember how to rig up a simple points condenser and coil circuit properly, but no! After some grumbling and much head-scratching we finally figured out how to rig it up properly.  Then using a screwdriver to short out the starter solenoid, we tried again.  Still no spark.  So we tried a different spark plug, once again supplied by Bob, and tried again. We got a weak spark.  Good enough! So, in went the plugs and we tried a start. The old bugger coughed once or twice then roared to life.  No leaks, no smoke, no death rattles!  Yay!

Here is a picture of the setup. Notice the lawn tractor battery! This is one hell of a battery. It cranked and cranked without dying.

Here I am doing the brumm brumm thing with the throttle.

And here we are congratulating each other after our success.

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