Well, since the last disaster, there is nothing for it but to start making a form to cold-bend a new  door hoop.

Here is the finished form.  It is made up of two layers of 1/2″ construction grade plywood glued and screwed together then cut to shape.  I used an existing door hoop as the template for the curve.  To the outside edge, I bent and screwed a piece of 1″ x 1/8 strapping.  The strapping will distribute the forces during the bending operation, otherwise the plywood will crack.

Bob spent a couple of hours with me this morning making sure that the hood and the body would fit as we originally hoped and he prevented me from making an error that would leave a gap below the base of the windshield.  Thanks Bob.

The hoop will be made of 1″ x 1″ X 0.62 rectangular box section. Because there is a tight curve at the base of the windshield, I will need to fill the rectangular box section with tamped dry sand so it does not kink.

Wish us luck!

PS. The holes are for the clamps that will be used to pull the steel into shape.

form1 form2

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