With the saga of the recalcitrant pilot bearing finally over, the engine and gearbox slid together smoothly. So Bob M drove over to fit the assembly into the car. A while ago, Bob wangled a 1-1/2 tonne chain hoist from Princess Auto at a scandalously low

price. He’s good like that, able to sniff out a great bargain even when its trying to hide out sight on Alpha Centauri. Bob engineered a fine sling out of an old St. Mary’s bell rope, which we hooked up to the chain host, lifted the assembly easily, rolled the car under the engine, then lowered it gingerly onto the frame. 20160513_110905 (Large) And lo and behold…….. it actually fit! The holes in the front engine mounts lined up perfectly with the holes in the cross-member. How often does that happen? Note my pleasantly surprised face in the picture. 20160513_114856 (Large) While congratulating ourselves on our success, Bob noticed the oil filter was a wee bit too close to the chassis. With the engine rocking under load, the filter might chafe, spring a leak, then it would be bye bye engine. So, I cut a relief in the frame to give the filter a bit more room.   Oil_Filter_Clearance                   We discovered a little something else. The frame rails are a tad thicker than the originals. Although the outside distance across them is the same, the inside distance is slightly closer than original. Well, actually 3/4″ closer and the exhaust cross-box will not fit between them. By cutting the 3/8″ wide flanges off the ends of the muffler and welding the open seams, the cross box is now 3/4″ narrower and fits nicely between the rails- problem solved! Muffler_Left_Side_Tab_Cut_Off               Muffler_Both_tabs_Cut_Off

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