Seems to me I should have anticipated a problem with the rear fender. But no, so it was a case of déja vu all over again. I lowered the car right? And part of the front fender rubbed on the tire, right? So what would you expect to happen with the rear fender? The rear tire also rubbed in the fender……..riiight!

Bob McL and I dreamed up all kinds of weird alternatives.  Mounting the fender higher up the body.. nope!  Tilting the rear of the fender upward… no again. Finally we hit on widening the fender by 1-1/2inches. We wanted to avoid this because it was so much work, but it was the only viable solution we could think of. Ask us again in 6 months.

So, I cut two 1-1/2″ strips of. 22 AWG, flanged them, bent then around the fender at what I figured was the right point, marked the fender with a Sharpy, took a very deep breath, and sectioned the fender with a 1/8 cutting disk in an angle grinder.

Then it was just a case of stitch-welding the strip into place. The trick is to have enough big vice-grip clamps.  Get the six inch ones. Get lots of them. You can never ever have enough. Wait, did I tell you you need lotsa clamps?

I clamped everything together, then stitch-welded and dollied the metal after each stitch.

Here is the result.


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