Repeat after me: “Its not the rust ou can see that you have to worry about. Its the rust hiding underneath, and rust never sleeps”!

Dismantling the car revealed an extensively rusted body. We knew the floor at the front of the car was perforated when we bought the car, so that was no surprise. It wasn’t until all the floormats, seats, and roof lining was removed that the true extent of the problems were revealed. The door sills, dog legs, pedalboard, and drip rails were perforated in many places. We had to face the fact that we were not dealing with a  repair but instead a total rebuild. But oddly enough, the doors, trunk lid, hood, and fenders, were in remarkably good condition.

To give you a rough idea of what we were facing, here is a picture of the sill at the front of the car viewed from underneath.  Note the absence of the pedalboard.  It fell to pieces as we touched it.

Rusty left sill with the pedalboard removed

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