Before skinning the doors, I had some rework to do on the frames. When I took a close look, there  was way too large and uneven gap around the edges of the door frames and it looked shoddy. The more I looked the worse it appeared. So, I swallowed twice, screwed up my courage, did a lot of measuring cutting and welding, and now they fit, not perfectly, but OK.  If I had to do it all over, I would ditch the doors entirely and build a roadster with no doors, just a step-over like a model T bucket. It would have been a lot lighter, and a lot faster to build. But there we go, what was that saying about getting too soon old and too late schmart?

After that it was a question of cutting and welding in the flanges of the window frames. I cut each flange out of 1/2″ strips of steel and welded them onto the frame. At each corner I formed a round gusset and welded into place. Don’t ever build flanges this way, it is way too much work, and way too much welding and grinding to fit! For the rear windows, I am going to cut the entire flange from on piece of steel and spot weld it to the inside of the winow frame. It will be much easier.

Forming the accent line below the windows was easier than I thought. It is amazing what you can do with a strip of 1/8 x 1-1/2 flat stock a pile of clamps, a blunted cold chisel, and a hammer.

So, here is the finished door metalwork:

Here is what it looks like from the inside. The little tabs around the edge are for screws to hold the inner door panel, The discolourations are where I had to heat the panel with a torch and shrink it with awet rag to remove a buckle caused by overheating.

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