Now the pedal mount is sorted out, it is time to start work on the firewall.

First things first. I built a paper template of the firewall panel and marked out the locations of all the holes and stiffening ridges  beads).  Here it is:


The two round circles are for the fresh air vents.  Because I have removed the vent below the windshield, these holes provide a replacement means of getting fresh air into the car.   The vertical lines are for the stiffening ridges (beads) and the other two holes are for access to the master cylinder bolts and for the defroster tube.

I cannot afford a bead roller and have no place to store on even if I could. So I built a flow form.  The bottom half is simply a piece of rectangular aluminum with a trough milled in it. Here is a picture of the bottom  half.


The top half is a thinner  piece of aluminum with a matching slot milled through it.  Here is a picture I took while milling the slot through the top half of the former.


The top half of the former then bolts to the lower half through holes drilled in the sheet metal.  The disadvantage of a former over a bead roller  is that you have to drill holes for the clamping bolts, which you need to fill after the bead is formed.  A bead roller does not need any holes,  Here is a picture of the upper half to the former bolted to the lower half through the piece of sheet metal,


Using a very simple forming tool which is nothing more than a chisel with the cutting edge rounded and tapping it with a hammer, I made my very first bead. Here is the result which shows the clamping holes.   There is an extra hole here as a result of a boo-boo which I had to fix afterward (Ahem!).


Now here is the end result with the holes filled.  The picture looks a little bit gross because of the reflections from the grinding marks.  It actually looks much better without the light reflecting off it.


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