We thought we were going to be able to use the rear clip from the old car.  Ha!

When I tried to fit it in, it wouldn’t fit.  The inner fenders were too high and fouled the inner roof rails. After several cups of coffee and a good sleep, the reason finally dawned on me. The clip would not fit because we had lowered the car by three inches, but not the interior floor. Doh!

I took a careful look at modifying the inner rear fender to get it to fit.  However, after looking at the amount of cutting involved and the rust, I decided new inner rear fenders were the order of the day – especially since the rear seat belt mounts had rusted away again after a previous repair somewhere in the past.  This problem will be very familiar to 2cv owners.

So, first, I created a template for the top of the inner fender, then I cut it out, formed it, and welded it into place.  Despite my best efforts, some of my spot welds were no good.  I should have listened more carefully to the crackle from the MIG torch which told me that I needed a faster wire feed.

IM000001 IM000002 IM000003

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