Along the way I got some parts from an older 2cv with suicide doors. I thought I kinda liked them. And that thought sparked a conversation between my primitive

impulsive brain and my risk-averse frontal lobes. Frontal lobes: “Are you out of your cerebellum! If one of those things pops open at speed you are going to make an extraordinarily abrupt turn with entirely predictable consequences. They don’t call ’em suicide doors for nothing!” Primitive brain: “Well, old fuddy-duddy, suicide doors provide much easier access for your creaky old frame, and stout latches, with interlocks, plus a warning system will address the safety issues. Besides don’t you want to look cool? ” Frontal lobes: ” Well OK THIS time, but if you are wrong…..” I couldn’t use the original hinges because they simply won’t fit and could not be modified to fit. So, I tried to buy some and looked all over the internet. There were some really lovely ones at Speedway Motors that were works of art, but again, they would not fit. So here we go again, I had to make ’em. And here is a scale drawing. The hinge of 1/4″ by 1 1-2″ pieces of flatbar welded together. I had to cobble up a jig to weld all the bits together so that the four hinges that are needed would be identical. The hinge pin (the funny round thing in the drawing) is a 5/16 x 5″ bolt that slips into a round sleeve welded to the hinge. hinge I fabbed up the hinges and welded them into place. Here they are in place but clamped to the door frame. The

clamps will be replaced by bolts to allow some adjustment. Hinge details Here is a picture of the hinges viewed from above, with the door fully open. The front of the car its at the left of this picture. Hinges from above And here are pictures of the door closed, partway open, and fully open. Door closed Door Partway Open &nbsp: Door open

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