The initial idea for this project was to build a Barbot replica, but then we came to our senses. Both us have had a belly-full of sunburn and earaches from convertibles, hate the noise of an open top, and detest struggling with a top when the weather turns to rain. So we are going to try and give this car a roof and side-windows.

To achieve a rakish look,the first thing we wanted to do is to lower the roof line by deleting the vent below the wind shield and tilting the wind shield back an additional 5 degrees. Ventilation will be provided instead by ducts under the hood or by side vents in the sail panels behind the front fenders. So, first we braced everything then started the chop. This is irreversible so it is a very big step for us.

Here is Bob with his hands on the beast while we plot strategy:

Bob Contemplating the Damage we are About to Inflict

The Cutting Begins

Cutting the Other Side

Cutting the Sills

The Firewall is Detached
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