On Saturday, May 21 2011, we will held our Spring Drive, to the Morris Island Conservation Area.  Photos are in the Gallery area, here .

Early risers gathered at Bob and Claudine’s house around 10:00 for a breakfast “al fresco”, under a perfect blue springtime sky and warm sunshine.

After a “photo op”, the convoy left Bob and Claudine’s house around 11 a.m. .  We proceeded North on the Carp Road (Route 5), though the village of Carp, and on towards Fitzroy Harbour.  Taking the Galleta Side Road, we accessed the Conservation Area via Logger’s Way.

Once at the Conservation Area, we walked though some of the nature trails.  After the walks, we enjoyed our picnic lunches at the Conservation Area.  After lunch, folks chatted, or just quietly appreciated the beauty of the Conservation Area, until they decided to make their own way back home.

Thanks to all those who attended, for making this a successful outing.


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