On Dec. 3 the club gathered for our traditional Christmas lunch. Cor and Carla graciously opened their home, and received 15 members, each of whom brought a contribution to the feast. It must be noted that IanC was the only member to brave the wrath of the Gods of Winter, he and Margaret arriving proudly aboard their DS21 Persephone. As a sequel to last year’s Wine Tasting challenge, this year Jim McC organized a cheese tasting. Of course, it could not be so simple. Jim had asked each member to bring a sample of a Mystery Cheese. Jim and Ian then set to work to number and present the cheese. Each of us then had a chance to sample each cheese. After due consideration, we then faced the daunting challenge of naming each variety, and identifying its country of origin. Jim, who was our MC (that’s Master of Cheese) tallied up the scores, and ran the prize-giving.


Ian and Werner hard at work - ça refléchit dur pour Ian et Werner

Continuing the Thurler Streak that began with last year’s wine tasting, Christian took the top honours, with 16 out of a possible 20 points. Some cried “Foul” since it is believed that Christian might have a personal relationship with nearly half of the cows involved! In second place were Bob and Claudine at 14 points. Bringing up the rear with 9 points was Cor. We think Cor was handicapped by the total absence of any Dutch cheeses.

What a spread - quel joli buffet

Dig in - à l

On to the main event, we relocated to the kitchen where a sumptuous feast awaited us. Conversation was temporarily calmed, at least until we all were installed at the beautifully-set table. At each place setting, members found this year’s version of the club Christmas card, including a selection of photos from club events during the year. Having been such a busy year, the photos spilled over to cover virtually all of the available real estate. So many memories - quels souvenirsThe next several hours were dedicated to food, wine, discussion, and even a little club business. Dessert and coffee eventually brought proceedings to a gentle and satisfying close.

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