Robert Tremblay has three Citroëns for sale, in Montréal.  There are not many details about the cars, but here is the back story:

“In 2012, I purchased four Citroëns from a bailiff (Paquette Villeneuve).  These cars had been stored for many years in a dry parking garage at Place Delta in Montréal.  They are in exceptional condition.  Last year, I sold the blue SM for a reasonable price, and now I want to do the same with the others.

I think some of your members may have been trying to acquire these cars, and may even hold it against me that I purchased them.  You must understand that I bought these cars to resell them.  After much effort, they now are all registered for use in Québec, and are ready to go.

I know that the value of a car is in the eyes of someone who wants it.  So, prices are negotiable.”

ID 19 1961 BLANCHE (here on Kijiji)
Serie 3140068

TRACTION 11 1952 BLEU (here on Kijiji)
Serie 2106959

SM MASERATI 1973 ROUGE (not currently advertised on Kijiji)
Serie 00SD0278

65207610 65207540 65207839 65207788 65207734

You can contact Robert at:

or by phone:   514 577 9124

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